Kung Flow Training



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Kung Flow is a super fun Bo staff, Lightsaber, and LightSword spinning Wellness Program

If you’re looking for affordable, enjoyable exercise, this is it.

If you’ve you’ve got a broomstick, you’ve got a Bo Staff. You’re good to go. Right Now.

You’re going to Master all 8 of the Bo Staff’s major spins in about a day.  Maybe a Knight.

And you’ll get in a High Quality Core Workout.

While learning how to manually dial down PTSD.

The incredible plus of this training is that Kung Flow will also help you heal PTSD and end addictions.
Super Fast, and Super Fun.

So go ahead and let yourself get pumped up about learning. how to download Kung Flow.  Kung Flow is a next-level life skills program that teaches you how to learn faster. You’re going to unlock and achieve impressive new skills at speed.  It’s going to feel like you’re downloading Kung Fu straight out of The Matrix.

Kung Flow Training is offered over 3 unique modules and 9 powerful lessons.  You will experience your inner NEO in no time.  Expect all your supernatural powers to come online!


Hi Hero! My name is Ryan Rif Parks. I picked up the FireStaff as a hobby in 2003. I bumbled around for about a year.  Then I had one of those accidental epiphanies, and it all unlocked. I was shown a way to manually engage the power of the subconscious mind as a secondary “drive”  that massively enhances our ability to master and perform complex new skills. At speed.

Kung Flow helped me self propel from mediocre noob to a world class, full time FireSword Professional in about a year.

Kung Flow will show you how to access, operate, and upgrade your mind/body operating systems.  This training is also a fantastic way for you to get paid to play your life like a Jedi.

The first thing we do in Kung Flow is install the awareness of just how powerful you already are. According to science, your brain is already well over a million times more powerful than a super-computer. Yep. You’re that good.

Your brain is currently rocking around 120,000,000,000,000,000 operations, every single second. True story. You are already incredibly powerful.  Kung Flow will give you a fun way to put that vast power into play. This program helped me unlock a life where I got paid $1500 a show to do what I love..

But I gave up the flaming rockstar life when I found out Kung Flow also worked wonders on PTSD and addiction.  You absolutely can power through so many of your problems with this system.  At minimum, it’s super fun, and a great workout.  Also, if you need help bringing a couch-locked body back online, this will be good for you.

Here’s more good news.

You can also use Kung Flow’s mental techniques to enhance your body’s healing factors. I chipped cartilage out of my knee, and had to rebuild up from rock bottom after a “supposedly” career ending surgery.  My Surgeon told me I wouldn’t be able walk up stairs again, much less perform. I’m 48 and still throwing barrel rolls.

All you really need to start downloading Kung Flow right now is a straight stick and some space to spin. A broomstick will work just fine. Got one?  You can start training right now. Stuck in a small apartment?  You can master the basics from there.

Once you complete the training, if you enjoy spinning, you can acquire A WayLighter, the world’s most exciting LightSword.

And you’ll be able to rock it right out of the box!

Join the latest phenomenon in fitness, mental health and avatar consciousness!




APPLY CODE: DJEDI when you ‘purchase outright’ to receive 50% off


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$111.00 – or $40.00 / month for 3 months
$40.00 / month for 3 months