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Assignment Questions


Always email your assignment questions to the facilitator for that module, or if you are unsure, email Carrie online@myhealthyoga.com.  It’s better not to ask your assignment questions on the discussion forum as the teachers cannot always check this page yet will always reply to an email.

New Module Payment


If you are on a Subscription payment, you can speed up or slow down payments as it suits.  Click on ‘Welcome (Your Name)’ then click on ‘My Subscriptions’ (left column), then ‘renew’ or ‘cancel’ payments as required.  With each new payment, your next module will be unlocked.

Quiz Results


The pass score for quizzes is 80%.  If you don’t pass, it won’t ‘mark complete’ and you need to re-do it.
You can see your quiz results and any answers that are incorrect in ‘My Profile’ – click on this under ‘Welcome (your name)’, then click on the left hand side ‘arrow’ to open up the module quiz option.  Then click on Statistics.

Activity Writing Tips


Each module will include an ‘Activity’ page asking you to write a 500 word synopsis of the module video and notes.  You can certainly write more than 500 words.  Your summary may include your own personal experiences, feelings and breakthroughs within this module, as well as the technical side of what you learnt.  The synopsis must be in your own words, not a copy and paste of our notes.  Please remember to enjoy the process as we are not looking for advanced skills in writing or grammar but rather a feeling for who you are and how you have adapted the yoga rituals into your life.

Each Activity will also contain questions for you to answer and we ask you to include your synopsis plus questions within the same document to assist us with marking your course-work.  If we need you to expand on any activities, we will let you know and you can re-upload your document.

We thoroughly enjoy reading your work and will leave you a ‘teachers’ comment’ so be sure to check back within your activity page or check your emails as each comment is sent as an email notification (please set notifications@myhealthyogaonline.com as a safe email in case you don’t receive these emails).

Online Yoga Classes


Class Log

This is to remind you, you have been granted access to My Health Yoga TV 

Click on ‘Yoga Classes’ where you will be prompted to log in.  Use the same login information to log in at MHY TV.

After logging in once, you will stay logged in for several days.  Always click on ‘Yoga Classes’ to go to catalogue of classes, meditations and philosophy talks, all of which can be logged for your 60 hour class log.

Within MHY TV you’ll be able to find a range of Online Yoga classes which you can use to log your on Class Log Sheet . Please log all classes on this class log sheet.  For local in-person classes, please obtain your teacher’s signature; for online classes, please write in ‘ONLINE’.

Please note you have a free membership to MHY TV for a certain time as a bonus to your online course.  If you have not completed your course in this allocated time, or would like to continue to be a member of MHY TV, you can join for a half-price rate as our gift to you! (Join Here)

Whilst in-person classes count for hours logged, no other online class provider except My Health Yoga TV is recognised for training hours by our main yoga associations who set the standards for training and accreditation.



Online Forum & Social Pages


Facebook Discussion Group

We have created a private Facebook group for you our online trainees.  If you are interested in joining, please login into your facebook account then click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MHY.TV.Group.OTT.and.Members/  And press the “+ join group” button. This will send a request which will be granted ASAP.

Please use this space to share your ideas, wisdom and questions with your fellow students. For private matters please contact online@myhealthyoga.com.

MHY also has 2 public and very active Facebook pages which we invite you to join as well


Trainee Insurance


Level 1 Yoga Teacher Trainees and Healers Course Students are eligible for 14 months free trainee insurance from the date of their course commencement.  In order for this trainee insurance to be valid, you must state when asked that you are still in training and that you represent My Health Yoga.  This trainee insurance gives you trainee yoga teacher and trainee Healing Practitioner coverage.  If you need formal paperwork email online@myhealthyoga.com with details of where you are working.

If you don’t complete your course within 14 months,  you can obtain a 12 month trainee insurance cover for $99 – Apply Here.

Course Deadlines


We’d like to remind you that you have no time limit or deadline by which you must finish your course and you will keep your online course videos and content forever.  We do recommend setting an intention to complete at least one module per month to keep the momentum and integration of learning and personal development at it’s optimum.


Assignment Marking


Due to the volume of activities and assignments for us to review, your submitted work may take up to one week to mark.  Feedback will be posted within your module in ‘Teachers Comments’.

If your assignment is not approved, you can upload your submission again, otherwise, you will see your activity marked as ‘complete’ and your course progress bar will have moved forward.

Assignments are marked by our senior facilitators Susie Rad susie@myhealthyoga.com and Carrie-Anne Fields online@myhealthyoga.com.  Feel free to email us if you have any further questions once your assignment has been marked.

Please move forward with your next modules whilst you wait for your activities to be marked.