Join one of our public courses to enhance your healing or yoga practice or become a qualified My Health Healer or Yoga Teacher!

My Health has been training Yoga Teachers and Healers since 2003!

Our yoga teacher graduates are so popular because of the perfect mix between traditional and modern yoga provided through our course. Whilst the asana is a key component of our course we uphold the spiritual essence of yoga and encourage those of you who wish to learn both the technical aspect of yoga and commit to a journey or transformation and increased consciousness to join us.  Due to our balanced approach to our yoga teacher training, our graduates find teaching positions quickly in a wide range of settings such as yoga studios, fitness centres, health clubs, spas, schools, etc. Many of our graduates have founded their own studio with some onto their second and even third studio. We also now have several long-time graduates who have founded their very own yoga teacher training programs.  We feel incredibly blessed to watch our community grow over so many years.

Our Healers Course graduates have set up successful home-based businesses, work in wellness centres, as well as conduct Reiki workshops.  Many graduates conduct healing sessions via video chat and can enjoy the freedom of working from home whilst maintaining a connected family life and generate additional income.  The My Health Healers Course is the perfect stand-alone training to become a qualified Healer and Reiki Master or combine with an established massage, natural therapy or yoga business.


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