Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

My Health Yoga Online is excited to present our Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, a 14 module program encompassing highly specialised and focused modalities, tools, and resources, for Yoga Teachers who are looking to provide holistic therapy for their students.


Presented and created by Carrie-Anne Fields, owner and director of My Health Yoga Online, and Gregory Dunn-Smith, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Senior Yoga Teacher Trainer, this course provides a fresh perspective on healing trauma by challenging what is often accepted as ‘normal’ within the world of mental health and adjunct treatments and therapies.


Rather than perpetuating victim mentality  or pandering, we acknowledge at a soul level the innate ability of us all to take ownership of our situation, our history, and our future, and to accept that our choices have led us to our current physical, emotional, and mental situations and experiences. As a Yoga Therapist you will connect to your higher dimensional self and teach others to do the same, in order to shift frequencies both internally and externally and find peace, tranquility, and acceptance in all of the beautiful experiences here on Earth.


Yoga Therapy tools are designed to foster the realisation and acceptance that we are already perfect beings in all ways, and therefore, we can explore traumas, both current and past, with a sense of curiosity and without guilt, shame, or blame. You will learn to explore the depths of your being ways never thought of before and assist others to do the same.

My Health Yoga Online’s Yoga Therapy Teacher Training program covers the most essential tools for true Yoga Therapy healing:


  • Yoga Psychology: Depression & Anxiety
  • Yoga Psychology: Grief, Sorrow & Despair
  • Yoga Psychology: Addiction, Distraction & Victim Consciousness
  • Yoga Psychology: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • AcuYoga: Using the 12 Meridians to heal physical and mental imbalances.
  • Restorative Yoga: Discovering the healing potential through Asana & Meditation

It is our wish that through this Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program, we can assist Yoga Teachers and the healing community to recognise the healing potential within us all. Through understanding and accepting our divine right for a peaceful and joyous experience, we can accept and honor experiences of pain, trauma and madness for what they are: vital yet temporary parts of the human experience that assist us to recalibrate and realign with our true path.

 Carrie-Anne Fields & Gregory Dunn-Smith



  • For those paying per module: Your course may be deferred and payments ceased at anytime and you have full control within your own account.  You are entitled to keep any modules already activated.
  • For those paying in full: If you need to exit from the course, pro-rata refunds for modules opened apply, plus a $500 AUD cancellation fee to cover our administration and course activation costs. You are entitled to keep any modules already completed.
  • No refund can be given 1 month after enrolment


BONUS! Full access to My Health Yoga TV ever growing library of online classes for 12 months (Valued at $99).



On successful completion of the training, you will be certified by My Health Yoga, and will be eligible for association upgrade of 200 hours with your membership and insurance, including these major yoga associations – see below (other associations may also be applicable).



Once you apply, you will receive a Welcome Email containing further information on your course.  Please check your junk mail if you don’t receive this email.  You can contact if you have any questions. Namaste!

Course Content

Lessons Status

Yoga Therapy: Yoga Psychology - Module 1: Depression & Anxiety


Yoga Therapy: Yoga Psychology - Module 2: Grief, Despair & Sorrow


Yoga Therapy: Yoga Psychology - Module 3: Addiction, Distraction & Victim Consciousness


Yoga Therapy: Yoga Psychology - Module 4: PTSD


Yoga Therapy: AcuYoga - Module 5: Introduction, Foundation & Principles


Yoga Therapy: AcuYoga - Module 6: Lung/Large Intestine & Stomach/Spleen


Yoga Therapy: AcuYoga - Module 7: Heart/Small Intestine & Bladder/Kidney


Yoga Therapy: AcuYoga - Module 8: Pericardium/Triple Warmer & Gall Bladder/Liver


Yoga Therapy: AcuYoga - Module 9: Restoring Harmony - AcuYoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy: AcuYoga - Module 10: Creating a Yoga Therapy Session


Yoga Therapy: Restorative Yoga - Module 11: Restorative Yoga


Yoga Therapy: Restorative Yoga - Module 12: Restorative Fusion