Transcending the Matrix Series 1 Box Set

Carrie-Anne Fields famous UK series ‘Transcending the Matrix – Remembering Your Multidimensional Self’ is now available to purchase as a box set.

Carrie was blessed with the invitation to join the world’s leading alternative news & consciousness platform Ickonic for 2 different series in the heart of and has created a riveting and transformational series to support personal ascension.

“I was asked to make this series ‘Transcending the Matrix’ for a top UK media channel in the heart of global concerns in 2020 to help shift collective consciousness to that of a multidimensional view. The focus, to see a way through the imposition of the false matrix running & automating human lives. Now the exclusivity agreement is up, I’m so thrilled to offer this series for our My Health Tribe! Life-changing philosophy & actual practical activations await to support you to transcend the false matrix & plug back into the true multidimensional divine matrix. Life can be enchanting despite the current battle for our sovereignty.”  Love Carrie

Over 2 series and 12 unique episodes, the philosophical and practical steps are provided to exit the matrix of control and tyranny playing itself out in our world right now.

This is purchase for Series 1 of Transcending the Matrix

  • Episode 1: Remember Who You Are
  • Episode 2: Your Energy Body
  • Episode 3: Become Encoded with Light
  • Episode 4: Glitch the Matrix
  • Episode 5: The Hero’s Journey
  • Episode 6: The 11th Hour