5D Earth Yoga Series

Welcome to the My Health 5D Earth Yoga Series

Your guide for this 5 class set is world renowned Yoga Teacher & Healer, Carrie-Anne Fields. On behalf of the entire My Health Yoga family, thank you for choosing My Health Yoga to assist the awakening of 5D Earth through sacred yoga practices!  This unique style is our own creation at My Health.  If you are a yoga teacher and wish to teach this style, please get in touch at online@myhealthyoga.com

5D Earth Yoga Series is a 5 part series themed around 5D Earth consciousness & the 5 Yogic Koshas or auric layers.

Educate yourself on the current astrological cycle and practice transformative practices upgrade your consciousness as we traverse the 3D-5D timeline split or ‘2 Roads’ as spoken of by the ancient Mayans.

Once you apply, you will receive a Welcome Email containing further information on your course.  Please check your junk mail if you don’t receive this email.  You can contact online@myhealthyoga.com if you have any questions. Namaste!