Percussion Sound Healing

This is a single module purchase for Percussion & Drumming.

You can decide later if you wish to do all 3 modules in our Sound Healers Course.


Train in-person: July 14, 11.30am – 4pm.

95 Linton St,  

Linton St Apartments.  

Kangaroo Point


Train online: coming soon

Learn the ancient art of Sound Healing

Learn this ancient art for your own healing or to offer your own magical and transformational sound healing private sessions and group bath experiences. This journey is more than just a study of techniques and methodologies—it is a profound exploration of musical self-discovery and transformation. As you immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound and musical instruments, you will embark on a deep personal journey of healing, growth, and awakening. With each resonant tone, you will peel back the layers of your being, reconnect with your true essence, and tap into the boundless intuitive healing energy that resides within, to flourish your inner sound healer.

The full Sound Healing Course is comprised of three modules. You can choose to enrol in one module, or all three to receive your sound healers certificate.

  • Module 1: Sound Healing using Crystal Quartz Singing Bowls
  • Module 2: Drums and Percussions
  • Module 3: Gong and Tibetan Healing Bowls

Each workshop includes:

  • A comprehensive online workbook
  • The history, the spirituality and the science of how crystal quartz bowls sound healing
  • Taking care, cleansing and transporting your bowls
  • Various crystal bowl playing techniques including how to use different mallets and when
  • Different musical combinations and sequencing and theory such as consonance, dissonance and overtones
  • In introduction to cymatics, solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, healing harmonic code
  • How to incorporate trauma awareness support into your sound healing sessions
  • How to run a 60min sound bath using crystal bowls

This workshop is part of a three-series Sound Healers course. Choose to do one or all three workshops!

My Health Association, Yoga Alliance, CEP 10 hours accredited.

No pre-requisites. After completion you will receive a certificate of Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls and can hold your own sound healing classes using crystal quartz singing bowls.